Premium e-liquids

Premium e-liquids


A balanced palate of tart tropical fruits with a refreshing aftertaste relevant throughout the day regardless of the weather...


An expressive combination of mature pulp of southern fruits and fresh mint flavour combined with almost imperceptible floral notes will suit any weekend...

Sugar Fluff

Velvety blend of sugar confectionery delicacies in combination with delicate notes of fruits of Asia will be an excellent addition to the morning coffee...


A real treat for the sweet tooth combines the rich taste of wild berries, spicy notes of caramel and soft creamy aftertaste to embellish any evening...

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About us

Vapemafia starts its origin in 2016th as a first international e-liquid alchemist club gathering experienced and inspired juice crafter from around Europe to exchange recipes and enhance unique flavour combinations.
After a while Vapemafia attracted sellers of raw materials offering them ready-made sales market in exchange for best price offers. Thus scaling up enthusiast group outgrew to a small start-up and now as a fast growing premium class vape liquid manufacturer with retail network around the globe.
Today Vapemafia offers four superior juices for every taste such as balances tropical fruit Tropilla, mature and fresh Mintango, delicate Sugar Fluff and sweet-spicy Crunchesta. You are welcome to be introduced to the whole palate available in the Pruduct section.
Our main priority is to provide highest quality product for our customers so that is why all ingredients used by Vapemafia are carefully gathered from all around the world to be mixed into tailored-made blends in our laboratory based crafthouse.
We believe that cooperation through engagement is the right choice for sustainable growth, thus we offer various partnership opportunities for vape-shops and distributers, as well as delicious cloud lovers ready to share their experience and ideas. Boom!