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Why Riga?

+ the most developed public infrastructure in the Baltics

+ the largest airport in the Baltics

+ the leading regional airlines

+ strong competencies in IT, robotics, fintech, etc.


About a half of the households in Latvia is equipped with fiber optic internet connections, which makes us the absolute leader in Europe in this regard.

HQ Talent Pool

Highly skilled, multilingual and motivated labour force.


58 higher education and 52 professional education institutions


Among locals within the age group of 25-34, 57% are fluent in at least 2 foreign languages (English, Russia, German, French, Spanish, as well as Nordic languges..)


Latvian IT sector is bustling, providing services that keep our modern lives running

Business Ecosystem in Latvia

Latvia is increasingly attracting international companies to Riga.

Special Tax Regime

Flat start-up tax: flat rate all inclusive social tax 259 EUR per employee plus 10% private pension fund contribution [no extrataxes except on salaries above 4050 EUR]

Start-up Law

The aim of this law is to promote the formation of startupcompanies in Latvia thereby stimulate research, and the use ofinnovative ideas, products and processes in economic activity.

Acceleration Funds

Latvian Ministry of Economics has approved the Acceleration fund, seed and growth fund programs executed by finance institution ALTUM making extra 60 million euro available to the market.

International companies choose Latvia

«Implemented lean methodology tools encourage a culture of operational excellence and contribute to cost efficiency. This is the way of working and strategy of the SEB Shared Service Center in Riga – we believe that with talented employees and well established infrastructure we are on the right way.»

Ruta Jasiulioniene, 

Head of SEB Shared Service Centersin Riga, Latvia and Vilnius 

«The establishment of an operations unit in Latvia providing services to clients in Norway has strengthened our image as a powerful Norwegian company.»

Ellen Annette Nordli,

former Head of DNB SharedService Center Riga